Amna Naveed


India is a multidimensional country with a population of 1.27 trillion spread across various

regions with different traditions and rituals. Special costumes and clothes have a long history

to be observed. We are dedicated to the adoption of these famous traditional Indians, which

have a long enriching cultural continuity worldwide.

The  gigantic wave  that is  now  in trend  is Innovations  & Renovations.  It  can start from

anything  from  the  Bell  Bottoms,  Retro  style,  Bobby  printed  matter,  intelligent  textiles,

Sadhana, zero size modulations and body modulations like tattoos, piercing etc. We all know

"It is  a costume that  establishes the personal identity of the person  in society" and so  my

studies are limited to clothing trends and its effect, inspired by the history of 4000-5000 BC.

These periods have been marked by fashion trend from Indus, the Indus valley civilisation

followed by Maurya, Sunga, Satvahan, Kushan,  Gupta, Mughal & Brittany.  Therefore our

internal  Indian  culture  is blurring and  we should  be  concerned now,  as  it is  about  to  be

extinguished  with  moment.  But  our  Indian  bodies  will  remain  always  green,  as  we

understand. It can never die. Our descendants only see the traces in museums about India's

society.  Our  cultural  legacy  needs  to be  promoted  so  that  these  surface  layers  of  other

societies will disappear and make our Indian culture and developments a global platform, to

maintain this country's cultural treasure alive