Aymen Sulman


When it is thought that women that indigenize freedom, modernity and naturalness as a lifestyle look for light and unique clothing; it is possible to see the value of the local fabrics. It can easily be said that the Kizilcaboluk cotton made fabrics are free, comfortable and useful for clothing. The clothes designed in the present study were selected to be suitable for the “Nature” theme from the breechcloth made of Kizilcaboluk fabrics. By keeping the size and patterns, looseness, thickness, wrinkling of the cloths in mind, and by foregrounding comfort and aesthetics, designs were done by the students at the Cloth Design class under the title “Nature”. Among these, one design from each which is suitable for production was selected. The technical details of the designs were analyzed by the researcher considering the sewing technique and pattern features, trying to make them suitable for boutique production, and to let the least fabric waste. As the target audience, the customers that like to wear expensive and unique clothes were considered. It is believed that if the cloth collection produced is marketed well, Kizilcaboluk fabrics will be known not only in the country but all around the world.